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A white perosn with long orange/red hair smiles at the camera. They are wearing a gray sweater and glasses with large textured frames.
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An in-game photograph from Forza Horizon 5 is displayed. It is of a luxurious-looking silver car with gold lighting reflections on it. It is parked on the sand next to palm trees and a historic Aztec temple site.
A white perosn with long orange/red hair smiles at the camera. They are wearing a gray sweater and glasses with large textured frames.


Location: United States Flag of the USA
3 Years

Hi I’m SnowFoxy! I am a small streamer who absolutely loves making new friends and having a laugh. I started playing Forza Horizon 4 and instantly fell in love with the game. The main thing which drew me into the Forza franchise was the vast number of ways in which car know-it-alls and newbies alike could have fun and experience the game in so many unique and fun ways. Whether it’s creativity, adrenaline racing, making technical tunes or relaxing with beautiful scenery, there is something for everyone. One of my favorite ways to experience the game is to play it with community members and have fun creating various serious and silly challenges to try out. I hope you’ll consider coming to hang out with the community and make some new friends!

Favorite cars

I am an absolute sucker for Mini’s – I currently own one and I think they are adorable. If I could pick something more on the adventurous side someday, I would love to own a Corvette Stingray. And in terms of unrealistic dream cars… Audi R8 is where it’s at!

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gamertag: DaBasedRaccoon | Forza Horizon 5

Share Code: 965 388 822

Official Week 068 Photo Competition winner.

Featured Livery

gamertag: Archduke67 | Forza Horizon 5

Share Code 101 551 433

Official Week 068 Livery Competition winner. Design for the Hoonigan Volkswagen 'Scumbug'. .

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