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Orange County Black Eagles
Orange County Eagles joins the Premiership Ranks.

9-17- 2018 - 3:35 PM EDT

For Immediate Release:

Its official. OC Black Eagles has taken the Stage to participate in the 2019 Kickoff of the US Premiership. Owned and Operated by EX Professional Player from Mexico Sergio Miranda. Orange County Black Eagles was founded in 2010 under the name of Club America Orange County, being a direct academy of the professional club of Mexico CA America. Sergio C Miranda is the founder and sporting director of this club which under his leadership and under the name of Club America Soccer academy OC, had the opportunity to participate in various local and state leagues affiliated to the US Soccer Federation, and through CalSouth. Durrng the time of its participatons the Team achieved a second place nationally in the Presidents Cup, also state and regional champion.
Club America created a big reputation in the local leagues for its quality and good administration.   In 2015, Sergio Miranda and his board decided to change the name to OC Black Eagles.
The main objective of the name change was due to developing its own  brand and marketing and being educated with the philosophy of feeding the ideology of its founder. A vision of improving the quality of the game in areas marginalized by the high costs incurred by the local clubs.


  - Sergio Miranda Played professionally for Zacatepec.

- Ex Professional Player Reunion in Mexico for Atlético Zacatepec with Sergio Miranda.

- For Tryouts or Club Information, please contact Club President - Sergio Miranda:  942-742-1060


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